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April 08, 2017

Enterprise Cash Management System Framework

CubeIQ commenced a large scale programme to elevate Cash Management System capabilities in regards to mixed currency processing. The project team will work in a newly established lab with several banknote recyclers, capable to process up to 16 different banknote currencies each one, as well as coin depositor devices.

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January 13, 2017

IcM Gen.2 | Incident Management Generation 2

CubeIQ is announcing a major release of the Incident Management Gen2, an indispensable component of CMN-System for enterprise RCC services. IcM Gen2 is now stronger than ever in monitoring and incidents management, such as: Health monitoring - Jams, component failures, malfunctions. - Missing cash removable storage media. Critical events watch - Cash media replacement, recycler offload, cash storage full, safebox door open, alarms relay. Alive connection link - Detect link connectivity failure.

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January 12, 2017

"Till Opening Cash management" plug-in for CashCluster

CMN-System enhanced its Cash Smart Safe terminals user interface, CashCluster, with the addition of the "Till Opening Cash management" plug-in module. This module is applicable on cash recyclers with extended deposit capabilities, such as the ARCA CM18b, which are installed in large retail stores back offices.

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Leading TCRs manufacturer

Since 1996, ARCA is dedicated to developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art Teller Cash Recycling solutions (TCRs) for the global banking market place as well as for the retail industry. Designing state-of-the-art Teller Cash Recyclers and banknote validation technology is the primary focus of ARCA, with a strong emphasis on in-house technology development, ease-of-use and serviceability. Flagship product is the CM18, a next generation TCR machine.

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Cash Recycling in Next Generation Retail Banking

Retail Banking OpEx Savings by Introducing TCR Technology

The ECB’s directive on cash authentication, fitness and recycling triggers the retail banks interest to revisit their cash management model aiming to minimize costs.

Cash Recycling creates savings of up to 75% in cash handling by:

  • Reducing the frequency of cash replenishment and removal by 3x-4x
  • Decreasing Cash-In-Transit (CIT) transportation and processing costs
  • Reducing cost of carrying floating cash
  • Reducing the risk of robberies and enhancing staff security

Thus, cost elements such as among other the teller labor cost, outsourced services for Cash–In–Transit, Fitness and Sorting and ATM’s cash replenishment may be sliced or marginally eliminated by migrating from the traditional unassisted teller into a new teller paradigm supported by Teller Cash Recycling assistant machines. A bank project targeted in TCR’s technology deployment across branches may result in a significant net present value for the bank, along the equipment lifecycle, with CapEx investment Internal Rate of Return being equally attractive, challenging other corporate portfolio investment initiatives.

There is certainly an operating cost reflected in a given Retail Banking Unit structure and operating model. Next to the introduction of TCR’s technology across the branches network, this cost is significantly reduced. This saving in OpEx is a key determining factor in bank’s management decision to plan and deploy such a project.

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CubeIQ is your partner in business

An experienced team of professionals with proven track record

CubeIQ is willing and able to be your partner in business. We are committed in providing outstanding support for all integrated solutions and products, no matter where they are installed.

Our comprehensive services offering include consulting, integration and customization, project and program management, onsite installation, software support and training. These offerings extend beyond traditional hardware services and provide complete turnkey support solutions to our customers.

As a company we maintain special focus in the Cash Management domain, including cash recycling, replenishment and Remote Cash Control. We look forward your visit in the pages of our microSite to add value and share useful information.

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